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The history of darts

...a few hundred years ago, a frost-bitten English archer decided to find a more pleasant way to practice during the winter months. He put down his bow, cut off his arrows and retired to the warmth and comfort of a nearby pub, where he practised his skill by throwing the shortened arrows into a log hanging on the wall.

Another archer stood beside him, trying to do better than the previous one, and thus the contest, the game, the sport was born. In darts there are two different disciplines, depending on the material of the board and the arrows: steel darts and soft darts. 

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Soft darts

or, the mechanised game

The growing popularity of darts has been received another huge boost by the mechanised version of the game, the so-called soft darts game. Here, the essence of the game has not changed, but the tournament process has been simplified, with the machine itself running the game, making it more fun. Today, there are many companies around the world that produce soft machines, which have led to spectacular and highly popular international tournaments.

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Steel darts

simply darts

Steel darts is the name given to the game of throwing a metal (steel) arrow at a sisal (or, less commonly, other material) board. Since steel darts is played with metal-tipped arrows in international tournaments and at the World Championships, steel darts is simply identified with the word darts. The main governing body of the sport is the World Darts Federation (WDF), but the most professional players compete in tournaments organised by the Professional Darts Corporation, including the World Championship. The growing popularity of darts led to its official declaration as a sport by the British Parliament in 2001, and a simultaneous application for inclusion in the Olympic Federations.

darts táblaThe following rules apply to darts in general, but may be subject to change or other rules added in the rules of the various tournaments. . 

A tábla elhelyezése 
A táblától 237 cm-re kell állnia a dobónak. A tábla középpontjának magassága a talajtól mérve 173 cm. 


darts értékekWhen throwing, both feet must be behind the throwing line. A thrown arrow can not be thrown again even if it does not hit the board. A dropped arrow may be picked up inside the throwing line. Counting in Steel, only the point value of arrows removed from the board by the player counts. In soft play, the 'what the machine calls' principle applies. /Exceptions to this rule are the last arrow thrown into the exit sector, according to the rules of the Hungarian Darts Association. In case it is in the board, but the machine has counted wrongly. 

  • '01 games (901, 701, 501, 301 these are all based on the same principle, in team games you start with 1001)
  • Cricket (3*20, 3*19, 3*18, 3*17, 3*16, 3*15, 3*triples, 3*doubles, 3*bull)
  • Short Cricket (3*20, 3*19, 3*18, 3*17, 3*16, 3*15, 3*bull)
  • Australian Cricket
  • Shanghai Bull Master
  • Eliminator

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